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Imagine a place where as an independent beauty artist, you could operate at a high level in a salon on New York City’s coveted platform- A place where over 3 million people frequent everyday. Imagine being part of an inclusive community of artists that all thrive within a flexible work environment that offers several benefits for the artist, including support with Federal and state taxes, Worker’s Comp., merchant processing,  enhancement license, insurance, and marketing. Imagine yourself in charge, and also part of a Family. Watch your beauty career GROW at NEXT VANITY.
If your goal is to be the boss of your  own beauty business in midtown New York City?  If you are looking for a flexible situation for your artistic needs?  Maybe your in search of a  fully furnished, updated Manhattan work space where you can rent a chair for a week, or even for a day without the isolated feeling of traditional suite rentals?  We know exactly who you are.  Your are a small beauty business looking to have affordable rent and very little overhead? Take your chair to the next level. Watch your beauty career GROW at NEXT VANITY.