Soft, Silky, Smooth, Frizz free Hair


next-vanity-keratin-treatmentCurly, frizzy or damaged hair? No problem. If you haven’t already considered it, a keratin treatment may be the perfect option for you. Keratin is perfect for straighter more manageable hair results that can last six weeks or more with proper maintenance. At Next Vanity, our formaldehyde free Keratin treatment is an excellent frizz-free straightening option on all hair types. Request a consultation or schedule an appointment

Formaldehyde Free Brazilian Keratin Treatment FAQS

Our product is a mild temporary straightener designed to get your hair 100% frizz free and not pin straight. It loosens up your curl to 60%.  It will remain in your hair up to 3 months and washes out gradually with the use of a Sodium Chloride free cleansing cream  and conditioner. It adds moisture and shine, stops hair breakage and promotes hair growth.

Why Keratin Blowout Extender?

Kerapure takes pride in providing consumers with safe, simple and fast keratin products.  This product is a semi-permanent alternative to keratin treatments.

Why do I have a tickle in my throat or a cough while applying the product?

This is the result of the low 1.7 pH but the product contains zero formaldehyde or formaldehyde donors.   This could also be due to over usage.  Kerapure takes pride in providing consumers with safe keratin products.  To avoid this issue, make sure you are spraying the product in an open space.  Apply shorter, controlled sprays section by section.

Can the product be used in conjunction with the smoothing system?

Yes, the Keratin Blowout Extender is comprised of CAT (cross-linked amino acid technology), just like the Kerapure amino acid smoothing system.  Therefore, it will extend the length of a keratin treatment.

Can the product be used to curl hair?

Yes, the Keratin Blowout Extender has a memory technology so can be used with any heat tool.

Can the Keratin Blowout Extender be used on dry hair?

Yes, since it also acts as a styling product, the hairstyle will remain until it is washed.  Allow the product to penetrate the hair for 15 minutes, blow-dry and then you can style with any heat tool.

How long do the results last?

The results last until hair is washed.  However, it also acts as a treatment.  With continued use, it will eliminate frizz and change the hair’s texture.

What is the difference between using the Keratin Blowout Extender and Kerapure Amino Acid Smoothing System?

This product is semi-permanent.  However, with extended use, results will be cumulative.  The process time is 15 minutes, rather than 3 hours.

Does a sulfate-free shampoo need to be used with this product?

No, but the Kerapure Purifying Wash is recommended once a week to clarify the hair.  For optimal results, do not use conditioner before applying the keratin blowout extender.

Are other styling products needed with the Keratin Blowout Extender?

No, it replaces all products necessary in the styling process.  It will add shine without silicones, hold the style and pump up the volume.

What is the difference between the Keratin Blowout Extender and Moroccan Oil?

Moroccan Oil is a silicone-based product which can weigh the hair down.  There is no coating with the Keratin Blowout Extender.  It actually penetrates the hair shaft delivering amino acids.

What is the difference between the Keratin Blowout Extender and It’s A 10?

It’s A 10 is actually a conditioning treatment which can leave product residue.  The Keratin Blowout Extender does not sit on the hair but rather infuses the hair with keratin, therefore changing the hair’s texture over time.