ModelDo you want to add volume or length or maybe you’d like to add some color?

Next Vanity wants to help you embrace your personal beauty & style! The convenience of getting the look you’ve always wanted and resting your hair can be made possible with our hair weave and extension services.

While the options are limitless, the health of your natural hair and the way a weave or extensions make our clients feel are most important to us. Call for more details, we’re available for in-person or virtual consultations.

Our NYC salon is conveniently located only minutes from Grand Central Terminal. You’re guaranteed the best hair weave in NYC. Not sure? Request a hair weave or extensions consultation appointment



More About Our NYC Salon Hair Weaves & Extensions

There are primarily 2 ways for women to add length and texture to their hair. Hair weaves and hair extensions. Each method has its pros and cons but the selected method is best determined by the woman’s hair texture, length and after a free hair weave and hair extension consultation with our Stylists or Master Weaver. When making considerations for application, hair weaves can be sewn in or fastened with an adhesive. At Next Vanity Salon, options for attaching your weave or extensions are custom and based on the outcome of your free hair consultation.

If you’re considering rocking a weave here are a few types of Hair Weaves and Extensions you can choose from.



Partial weaves allow you to achieve the most natural look. With a partial, portions of your natural hair are left out to achieve various part syles. A full weave on the other hand, leaves none of your natural hair exposed. In many cases it’s a great option for encouraging hair growth.


Strand by strand or fusion hair extensions is the process of attaching 25-30 individual strands of hair to your hair using a variety of bonding agents. The condition of your hair, your lifestyle and thickness are considerations that need to be made before applying strand-by-strand hair.



The Hair

When purchasing hair weaves and extensions, Next Vanity typically recommends humain hair, but, we also work with synthetic hair. Because every client has needs specific to them, ultimately the type of hair used is determined during their free consultation with our Stylists or Master Weaver.



Synthetic hair cannot be styled with heat and will not look as natural against your head of hair. It does however hold braids better than human hair does. As far as cost considerations, synthetic hair is generally more affordable than human hair is.

Although more expensive than synthetic hair, using human hair in your hair weaves or hair extensions will give a more natural look when styled in with your real hair. Human hair also offers more flexibility in styling as it also can be styled with heat  the way you would style your natural hair. By using human hair that is colored to match your natural or desired hair color, we can create a truly custom to taste look that you will love. Request a hair weave or extensions consultation appointment.